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modern, fresh and delicious

Xin Chao


Welcome to Com Chay -  We would like to offer you our home and

southeast asian kitchen closer.

What sets us apart are our 100% vegan dishes.

You can enjoy these without compromising on taste or a guilty conscience!


our philosophy

Although Buddha once said, "I practice not harming or killing sentient beings" and over the years became a vegetarian himself, Buddhism does not prescribe vegetarianism.

Since it is not a religion of faith, but only a religion of experience, the change in diet should be based on one's own knowledge and insight and not on prohibitions or regulations.


We would like to spoil you with our exotic  and vegan dishes!

Our menu includes a wide range of 100% vegan dishes without compromising on taste. During preparation, we pay particular attention to the freshness of the ingredients and the right seasoning of our dishes. We promise no use of genetically modified tofu, artificial colors and flavor enhancers. Many spice mixtures are family recipes that have existed for a long time.​

Of course, our drinks are also prepared on a vegan basis, e.g. with organic oat milk and soy yoghurt as well as with Agavendicksaft instead of honey.

When choosing the vegan wines, attention was also paid to organic cultivation.

We have thought of everything so that you  can enjoy the delicious food with a clear conscience!


Contact us

We look forward to feedback and wishes  from you, as we want to constantly improve for you.

Tel: 0621 82838210

You can find us here:


Com Chay

Heinrich Vetter Passage

O7, 25 68161 Mannheim 

Opening hours:

Mon-Sat: 12:00 - 22:00

Holidays: 12:00 - 22:00

Tel: 0621 82838210

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